The security of your physical assets should be one thing that cannot be compromised. While having crime detection devices like CCTV cameras as well as crime prevention equipment like a competent alarm system is good. You can still take the security of your life and property a step further with an access control installation and service plan.

This access control system will help you to regulate access to your home or office. With this system in place, only authorised persons would be allowed in and out of your residence or business establishment.

TechCode Ltd will bring all their experience to bear in ensuring that you are carried along every step of the way.

What to expect from our Access Control Installation and Service


If you are residing in London, Essex, Romford, Suffolk, and environs, we are at your beck and call when it comes to access control installation and service.

It does not matter if your residence or business premises has a single entry and exit point or multiple entry and exit points, we will assist in providing qualitative access control solutions that work for you.

Our professional access control installation and service team will cater for every stage of installation.

This is what you can come to expect from us;

#1: Assessment of Location:


The first thing that we will do when contacted to provide feasible access control solutions for your building, is to conduct a comprehensive access control site assessment.

During the access control site assessment of your facility, we will analyze the floor layout and footprint of your building. We will critically examine the entry as well as exit points that currently exist in order to come up with a plan of action for the design and installation of your customised access control system.

#2: Understanding your Requirements:


Our access control system team will spend ample time getting to understand the nature of your business operation or residence as the case may be.

We will take into account your budget limitations and design a customised access control system that is specific to your needs.

#3: Access Control Design Planning:


You can be sure that the access control plan prepared for you will be exclusive to your residential or business needs. Starting from scratch, every access control installation and service proposal that we put forward is unique in every sense of the word.

Each of our solutions will cater for…

  • your budget,
  • residential/business needs,
  • resident/employee access,
  • safety,
  • security from unauthorized access and theft.

Our access control plan also considers any future expansions that you may have lined up for your business or residential premises. We will meet with you and arrive at a mutual agreement before a proposal is implemented.

#4: The Best Access Control Equipment:

All our access control installation and service solution equipment are sourced from top-notch suppliers.

Furthermore, we will always recommend the best possible access control software and hardware for your facility keeping in mind your budget constraints.

#5: Installation and Support Services:


With an approved access control installation and service plan and equipment on ground, we will then proceed to the installation stage.

TechCode Ltd will work discreetly and even during office hours. We will operate quickly will observing the necessary safety protocols for your business. In addition, if installation takes place while office activities are in full flow, we will endeavour to function with minimal interference with your business and office operations.

Training is a big part of the installation process. As part of our services, we will conduct comprehensive training of your employees after installation. We will educate them on how to use the access control system including tips on troubleshooting and maintenance.

Finally, every system that we install is backed up with proper documentation. This provides information on the access control installation plan, the equipment and the installation process including the system configuration.

Documentation from us is proof that your access control system was provided by experienced professionals and can even help with the processing of insurance claims.