Break-ins are all too common these days in the London, Essex, Suffolk, and Romford areas of the UK.

The rising wave of burglaries and home invasions are a real cause for concern, as such crimes often lead to physical harm, damage to property, and theft of valuable items.

The prevalence of such criminal activities call for residents and business owners to be more vigilant, as the overreliance on law enforcement alone to police an area often proves to be an effort in futility.

While this is not a clarion call for civilians to protect themselves from criminals by wielding arms, it is certainly a call for everyone to take the need for intruder alarm installation and service more seriously.

What is an Intruder Alarm Installation and Service?


An intruder alarm installation and service is one provided by an experienced, professional, reliable, and competent security firm, such as TechCode Ltd.

It involves the survey of a site which could be a residential or commercial building to evaluate the feasibility or not for the installation of an intruder alarm system.

One intruder system may differ from another, as each system is designed to suit a specific location and building.

The location and layout of a property are often key to determining the security design and requirements for the alarm system.

This is why an assessment of the site of installation is a crucial part of the process of designing the electronic security device that would be fitted at the said location.

An intruder alarm system helps to deter and ward off burglars attempting to break into your business or residential building.

The system functions whether there is someone in the building or not. It serves as a preventive electronic security device and helps to curb a crime in the making.

A Typical Intruder Alarm Installation and Service Delivery by TechCode Ltd


Typically, the intruder alarm installation and service offered by TechCode Ltd involves the installation of a uniquely designed intruder system at an assessed and evaluated location.

The installed intruder alarm will enable users to activate as well as deactivate the system using a unique code and in a short space of time, usually within seconds.

The alarm system may come with large, legible and soft touch buttons or a touch screen for convenience and ease of use.

Every installed intruder alarm is subject to scheduled routine maintenance by the service department of TechCode Ltd.

We will provide a quick response to any system breakdown and maintenance is provided on a 24/7 timeline.

The Different Intruder Alarm Installation and Service Available


#1: High-pitched Alarm Bells:


With the high-pitched alarm system, intruders trying to break into your home or office are greeted with a loud noise. This serves three purposes. The first is to startle the invaders, the second is to force them to abandon their criminal plan and the third is to alert neighbors to the threat of the intruders.

#2: Automatic Alarm Dialer System:


Another alarm system that can be installed for both commercial and residential locations, is the automatic alarm dialer system. This system is great in a scenario where…

– a building is in a remote location,

– there is no one staying in the building during the attempted break-in,

– there are no neighbors around and/or the neighbors are unable to inform the owner or occupant of the building.

#3: Smart Home Security Intruder Alarm System:


Remote access of your intruder alarm installation and service system is also possible.

With our “Smart Home Security Intruder Alarm System”, every member of your family would be able to know when an attempted break-in has occurred at your residence while you were all away.

Any triggering of the alarm by an intruder will lead to you and members of your immediate family being automatically and promptly notified via your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone device.

TechCode Ltd also offers the option of an intruder alarm installation and service monitoring contract.

This is where a private security firm or the police are privy to any attempted break-in of your office, business or home, as they are automatically alerted by the alarm system when such an incident occurs.

Alarm systems are a vital part of crime prevention and can help to protect life and property by curtailing a burglary or home invasion before it takes place.