One way to enhance the security of your home and business is to provide an outdoor intercom system.

This two-way communication device enables you to identify a person outside the entrance to your home or business before you open the door to let them in.

Intercom installation and service solutions offer users protection from unwanted intruders, as you only grant entry to someone you can positively identify.

Intercom systems may be wired or wireless in nature. With the former, installation involves the running of wires for power supply and communication between the indoor and outdoor units of the system.

However, with wireless systems, the device may be powered by rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries while communication between the two user interface units is effectively done via wireless communication through Bluetooth or WIFI.

Intercom products may also include an indoor intercom system. This is a communication system installed at different points within a building to enable two-way communication of people residing or working in the building.

This type of intercom is particularly good for…

  • large facilities and homes where two or more people can communication with each other without having to meet in person,
  • health care givers and nursing homes where patients and caregivers can communicate with one another despite being in different parts of the home or health facility,
  • the physically disabled to communicate with other people within their home without having to physically meet with them.

Assessment before Intercom Installation and Service


The first thing that needs to be done before intercom installation and service is an assessment of the facility or home where the equipment will be installed.

TechCode Ltd will send an expert team to carry out a feasibility study of the building in order to decide on the intercom product that will be best suited to the needs of our customers.

The initial assessment will enable us to know what exactly your expectations are and also for us to recommend intercom systems that would be ideally suited to your needs.

Whether it is an outdoor intercom system or an indoor intercom system, a preliminary assessment will be necessary in order for us to better understand your requirements.

Installation of recommended Intercom System


Once we have done a survey of your building and established your reason(s) for requesting our intercom installation and service, we will proceed to install our recommended and your chosen intercom product.

We can also help to upgrade already installed systems in your business or home if need be.

It is even possible to use your smartphone or tablet as a user interface in a wireless intercom communication system in responding to someone outside the entrance of your home.

Features Intercom Installation and Service Packages


Our intercom installation and service packages consist of a number of high-quality features. Some of these features include;

  • High-definition (HD) video quality monitors with up-close clarity,
  • High-definition (HD) sound quality,
  • Multiple zone installation,
  • Single/multiple button buzzer systems,
  • Access regulation, control and programming,
  • Scheduled delivery capability, for example, information on scheduled pizza deliveries,
  • Recording and reporting capabilities (providing reports on those persons that are permitted to enter a building as well as when and where they may gain access to the building),
  • Infant and children monitoring capabilities, and remote access function. Where you can grant someone access to your home or business building without necessarily being onsite.

Intercom installation and service by TechCode Ltd also include systems that can incorporate the use of your telephone or mobile phone as a user interface and remote communication intercom tool.