The crime rate in the UK has shot up to alarming levels in recent times. What is even more frightening is the scope of crime. Today there is a rising trend in burglaries, armed robberies, vandalism, and other antisocial misdeeds.

No one seems to be immune from the wave of criminal activities these days with both commercial and domestic interests affected in one way or another.

As a matter of fact, it is estimated that around 65% of commercial establishments in the UK are susceptible to criminal activities including burglaries and armed robberies.

The uncertainty of when a crime will occur and the anxiety that creates, has led business entities and private individuals to take action. CCTV installation and service is one surefire way to detect, prevent, and offer a basis for the investigation of criminal activities.

Why do you need CCTV Installation and Service?


For the uninitiated, CCTV is an acronym for “Close Circuit Television”. It is a security-based technology that has been around for more than 30 years.


CCTV cameras are inconspicuous security devices that can be installed in virtually any environment. CCTV installation and service is an important part of any security plan and protocol for both residential and commercial housing.

CCTV is needed for three key reasons, namely;

  • Crime detection,
  • Crime prevention, and
  • Crime investigation.

#1: Crime Detection:

With CCTV cameras installed in your business premises and/or home, you will be able to detect suspicious activities before an actual crime is committed.

#2: Crime Prevention:


Security cameras afford you the time and opportunity to call law enforcement before a criminal act is perpetrated. It also takes away the element of surprise which criminals rely on in the execution of their criminal acts.

#3: Crime Investigation:


With proper CCTV installation and service, you will be able to derive hard evidence of a suspected or actually committed criminal activity. Recorded footage from the surveillance cameras can help private and public crime investigators to fish out persons-of-interest during the investigation process.

Who are TechCode Ltd?


For 15 years now, TechCode Ltd has been providing professional support to both business entities and private individuals in relation to their security needs.

TechCode Ltd are experts in the supply, installation and support of security-based equipment. CCTV installation and service delivery is just one out of other security services that we provide business and residents of Essex, Romford, Suffolk, London, and environs.

TechCode Ltd offers;

  • High quality surveillance cameras at affordable prices.
  • Site survey, evaluation and security consultancy services.
  • Installation of security cameras.
  • Provision of training and tutorial lessons on the use of security equipment.
  • Regular maintenance and the replacement of damaged security equipment.

Available CCTV Installation and Service


TechCode Ltd offers a number of CCTV installation and service packages that are suited to all environments and conditions.

Some of the features contained in these packages include;

  • Remote access and viewing via PC, Mac, tablet and mobile phone devices.
  • High Definition (HD) real-time streaming and digital video recording.
  • Specialized face recognition surveillance cameras.

The security of your business and home should be a priority. You need to safeguard your wellbeing as well as that of family members and employees.

With CCTV installation and service systems offered by TechCode Ltd, you will be on your way to avoiding physical harm as well as preventing damage to and a loss of valuable property.